Actually, we’re proud that we’re one of the original hostels of UB, that have many years experience of arranging countryside tours for budget travelers while hosting them during their stay in UB.

Here are the kinds of our fabulous and reliable tours that are waiting for you:

Since Mongolia is a vast country with varied landscape you need to plan your trip well ahead of time to ensure your trip satisfying. Which destination options you’re going to choose depend a lot on how many days you’d like to spend and of course on your budget. So we offer you the following groups of trips that you can choose:

We can tailor any trip to the countryside. You can give us some ideas of exactly what you’re looking for that we can organize trips to suit your requirements. Otherwise you can take any of our designed trips as a starting point and mould them to suit your time frame and budget with us.

ACTIVITIES you can do during the trip will be enjoying nature beauty, camping, fishing, horse, camel and yak riding, visiting and staying with nomad families to experience their life style, hiking, ox-cart riding, visiting temples and monasteries, and so on.

We aim to do our utmost to make your trip unique for you and your family or group, so don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know your ideas.

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