We are located in the city center on the south west side from the main entrance of Gandan Monastery in a few hundred meters.

Town Yard Hostel, door No 4, Orkhon street No 5, 16th Khoroo, Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar.

Please look for the address at the corner of the street.

It takes 2 minutes walk to the main street Peace avenue.

Direction to reach:

Southwest side of Gandan Monastery. Street Orkhon 5, door# 4.

Go to the north toward the Gandan Monastery along the road. There are fences on your left hand side. Go further, one of those street name is in cyrilic ОРХОН 5.

*15-20 minutes walk to the Sukhbaatar main squire

*20 minutes walk to the train station

*10 minutes walk to the State Department Store

*5 minutes walk to the local shopping district

*15 minutes walk to National history museum and Natural history museum

*2 minutes walk to ATMs and banks

In order to get our free pick up service from the train station, please contact us with your arrival details. Airport pick up service is also available for 20USD.

Address for a taxi driver: