We are happy to introduce you to our family hostel. The hostel has been run by myself and my family for the last eight years. We have established the hostel with the intention of helping our visitors to discover this wonderful country. We take great pleasure in meeting people from different countries and sharing their experiences.

We provide sociable accommodation and trip arrangements which are perfect for travelers on a budget

Since the introduction of Democracy in 1990’s, Mongolia has become a much more open country for people to visit. There has been a steady increase in the quality of the tourism infrastructure which means you can still experience the wildness and remoteness of this country but without too great a hardship.

With over 8 years experience as a tour guide, I have had a chance to share my beautiful country with many people and introduce them to Mongolia’s unique culture.

Among the many rewards I have enjoyed by being a tour guide is a renewed sense of pride and appreciation of my country. Mongolia is a place of great natural beauty both in terms of the scenery and geology but also in terms of the flora and fauna. My extensive experience in the tourist industry means I am ideally placed to help you discover these great riches.

Here at Town Yard hostel we are always proud to share the beauty and mystery of my country with our guests so that they may take home wonderful stories to tell their loved ones, and memories that will last them a lifetime.